Tomas Lodén is the owner and webmaster of He dares to be different. And it's working! Read his exciting story and learn more about the guy behind this site. Occasionally wacky! Sometimes funny! Always useful!


Hi Guys, Tomas here..

The reson for this quick video is to introduce myself and show you that there is a real person behind this and not just a mean lean marketing machine..ok?

I have been there, done that and come from the same place as all of you. Heck Ive been here sine 2003
I have been scammed more than I dare to share.
I got caught in greed just like probably you too.
I am a writer, designer, and business owner.
I am extremely focused on making my new business successful..

Basically, what i do is testing and tracking a variety of different traffic sources and verticals to find the best match.

My way to make it online is to be my self, I've now been running my online business for years,

Sometimes I look back at some of my first steps into this IM world..

  • I spammed the heck out of ppl with useless stuff
  • my first newsletters and blogs was full of crap,
  • full of spelling errors,
  • and full of ads.

No Personlization, no quality, no quality articles etc etc..


Well, my blogs (and website) is still full of spelling mistakes, (I'm from Sweden) and my english grammar is far from good, full of errors and I'm not the worlds best ad writer nor the worlds best article writer, but I'm not afraid to make mistakes.


But Im trying….ok


Today, people know like and trust me, they know that I'm not just another "net marketing machine" they know that I'm not perfect they know that my english grammar is far from good but they are still here!! They are still waiting for my next email!! And they are still bying my products and services..


ok… This is the way for me to be different, this is my way to brand myself.


Do you know how much feedback I get from my subs, how much feedback I get from people thanking me for being my self, thanking me for making mistakes.. The feedback has been incredible..


Ok so… Everything I've just said comes down to one statement: Be real, Be yourself and don´t be afraid to make mistakes.


More and more people these days dream of being able to work from home and have the personal power and freedom to determine their own lives, without having to answer to anyone.


Are you one of those people?


Let me know.. You can find me at


As I said… I've been doing this IM thing since 2003. I worked hard promo my sites from the start and after much trial and error i finally came up with the missing piece.


Assuming I haven't bored you too much, it's time You got to work! / Tomas